Fast, Secure and Cheap Transactions

Fast, Secure and Cheap Transactions

Tyzen is a secure CPU Proof of Work currency based on the YescryptR16 algorithm

Tyzen (TZN) appeared in June 2022. After countless hours of development and testing we were ready to unleash a new digital currency to the world, Tyzen. TZN is aimed towards the future of cryptocurrency with strong emphasis on transactions speeds and low fees, providing you with stable, fast and cheap transactions.

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Simple to use GUI wallets for Windows and Linux are available

Windows Build

File cointaining .EXE Installer Setup, Tyzen-QT, Tyzen Daemon, Tyzen-Cli.

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Normal Download

Linux System

File containing Tyzen Wallet QT, Tyzen Daemon, Tyzen-Cli and Tyzen-Tx.


Mobile Wallet

Simple Tyzen Wallet for mobile, currently only for android



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Tyzen is easy to use, has low transaction fees, is fast and secure

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Tyzen Blockchain Information

RPC, block rewards, algorithm and more information

Full Name : TYZEN | TZN

Max Supply : 100.000.000 TZN

Block Reward : 50 TZN

Block Immature : 51 Blocks

Block Halving : 950.000 Blocks

Block Time : 90 Seconds

Algorithm : YescryptR16

Latest Wallet : v1.0.0.-1

RPC Port : 2332

P2P Port : 2333

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Learn more about Tyzen

Read our documentation to better understand building Tyzen Core yourself

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